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We treat clients like a family and we treat a project like our own project.


We deliver on what we promise to match with standard from our client.


We believe that working with kindness will support the achievement of client expectations.


We provide a safe and healthy workplace. We make sure that all equipment work accordingly with its function to keep productivity.

Team Work

We take pride in the performance of our people with individual talents and teamwork-driven business culture.


We organize all internal activities to make sure our performance.

Working Experiences

Healthy Safety

Arkato is highly committed to put the best effort in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) protection in every aspect of our work. We provide safe workplaces for employee, partner, client, society, and put high concern responsibility on environment preservation.


To implement a high standard HSE policy, Arkato is highly committed to do following things:

- Arkato is always comply to every rule and law applied in Indonesia regarding K3LL (Keselamatan, Kesehatan Kerja dan Lindungan Lingkungan) and will never bargain for any reasons

- Held an excellent HSE training for our employees, according to each task and responsibility

- Provide safety equipments for each employees as they needed

- Do routine inspection and internal audit to find and reduce any accident potential

- Build sense of responsibility as a company culture that grows in each employees mind, since safety and health are every individuals needs that starts within ourselves

- Continuously create and complete HSE standard of procedure, in order to avoids accidents, improves health, prevents harm to environment, and reduce the use of energy


We ensure that every policy are well-delivered and understood by every stakeholders in our operation area.


Our Clients