H. M. Y. Kasmir, founder and owner of PT. UNITEDA ARKATO began his career from the very bottom and worked his way up to the position he holds today. He started from an operator/mechanic at the first heavy equipment rental in Indonesia, PT First Indonesian Plant Hire (PT FIPH), and worked at one project to another from Sabang until Merauke.

In 1979, Kasmir moved on to hold various positions such as Supervisor and Marketing and Operation Manager. With his entrepreneurial skills, Kasmir shifted from one corporation to the other, gathering knowledge and experience.

In 1991, with the knowledge and experience that he had acquired over the years, He resolved to establish his own company with the help of his wife Army Aben who now holds the position of Commissioner. PT UNITEDA ARKATO was founded on October 1st 1991, the name of the company being a combination of the name of his beloved wife ARmy Aben, KAsmir’s own name and the word “sakaTO” which in the Minang language means “unanimous”.